Sustainable development orientation

Sustainable development orientation and model Based on the business plan, FPT has developed a sustainable development orientation and strategy to balance three factors, including Economic Development, Community Support, and Environmental Protection. The Corporation also refers to the UN’s sustainable development goals and the GRI Standards when setting up the action programs for sustainable development. The […]

For a green environment

As an enterprise operating in the technology sector, FPT almost did not witness any direct environmental imprints during its operation. However, it is an indispensable part of the corporate responsibility to monitor energy and natural resource use, utilize technology initiatives to reduce environmental impacts, respond to the pandemic situation and climate change. Decree No. 06/2022/ND-CP […]

For the development of stakeholders

Employees As of 31/12/2021, FPT’s human resource scale increased by 21.3% over the same period, reaching 37,180 people. The technology sector continued to play a significant role with 24,068 employees, accounting for 64.7% of the total workforce, up 28.5% YoY. It was also the core force that contributed to expanding the Made-by-FPT ecosystem and creating […]

Governance towards sustainable development

Management processes that meet and adhere to international standards Constantly improving the efficiency of corporate governance and production management is the most effective way to ensure customer satisfaction, enhance competitiveness and provide sustainable benefits to stakeholders. Moreover, this is an indispensable tool for ensuring compliance and achieving FPT’s sustainable development goals according to international standards. […]